Who Are We?

We are two best friends, who had a good idea. It could happen to anyone.


Julia is the real chef talent behind The Bytch Kitchen – without her there wouldn’t be any food. She is passionate about cooking and producing excellent food, at a reasonable price.

Known to never sit still, she is the brains behind the menu creation, ingredient selection and all around purpose of the company.

Having previously worked on her own food blog, Eat Good Vibes, she will be bringing you seriously tasty recipes on our blog for you to try out at home, and lots more. Watch this space!



Louise is the organisation behind the company; the website creator, the social media manager, the route planner and the drive behind getting all of our fantastic food to you at food fairs and festivals all around the country.

Having worked as a lifestyle and news journalist for the past few years, she will be adding the real-life stuff to the blog, including the trials of getting a new business off the ground and will be documenting all of the fun that this pair have along the way.

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